Paradigm support sees area hit historic low

Areas that have had their leakage target set too high represent a blind spot for water companies. They can mask long term leakage for so long as the natural rate of rise does not creep above the threshold to send in leakage teams.

In this case study, Paradigm indicated a leakage target had been set too high and prompted intervention from a leakage team, which identified a burst that took the minimum nightflow in one area to a new historic low.

To review the full case study please refer to the slideshow below.

Paradigm Integrity Case Study DMA-211-01

“Highlighting areas that contain leakage that was previously unknown is one of Paradigm’s super powers. By achieving a new historic low in this area, we demonstrated a core strength of the analysis – not relying on past performance.”

Matt Smith – Senior engineer at SME Water