Advances in data logging technology for the past 10 years have significantly improved water companies’ awareness of pressure transients on their network. However, as an industry we are still understanding their causes, how best to monitor for them, and the impact they can have on asset life.

Whilst significant transients can cause immediate bursts on water networks, we also need to be conscious of the impact that smaller, more frequent transients have to damage our assets.

Pressure Transients

Causes of transients

Starting with probable causes of transients, including water company assets like pumps and PRVs, as well as customers likely to be pumping from the network or using large tanks as part of a process, allows us to create an overall picture of the risk on the network.

Effects of transients

Our data science led analysis of transient data allows us to identify where the same transients are occurring on water networks across a wider time range, for example where the same customer behaviour occurs on a regular schedule or a PRV consistently fails to perform at low flow. By categorising transients in this manner, their causes can be identified, understood, and prioritised for resolution. Combining this with historic bursts and customer complaint data allows us to understand which transients hurt our clients the most and should be investigated.

Pressure transients effects of transients

Pressure Transients

A combined approach

By combining both the causes and effects into our analysis, we can identify areas of a client’s water network most likely to be affected by transients and direct field teams to investigate areas where we have a high confidence of finding issues. We are working with our clients to understand the impact that transients have on their networks and the most cost-effective approach for the long-term monitoring of transients, allowing them to achieve and maintain calm networks without breaking the bank.

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The benefits of
Pressure Transients

If that’s a lot to digest, we’ve put it into simple terms exactly what advantages you will gain from our Pressure Transients service.

Reduced bursts

Calmer networks result in fewer bursts, reducing interruptions to customers and overall network operation costs.

Customer engagement

Proactive engagement with customers and supporting them in best practice can reduce interruptions to their vital processes.

Efficient monitoring

Understanding where transients are likely to occur allows you to ensure your valuable monitoring is deployed in all the right place.

Proactive maintenance

Monitoring of transients allows you to understand when things are starting to go wrong on your network, so you can target maintenance issues before they cause a problem.

Optimised solutions

Many transients are caused by water companies own assets performing inefficiently. Identifying and resolving issues can deliver large operational cost benefits and extend the life of assets.

Develop best practice

With risk reduction and best practice approaches in place, new customers connections and asset installations can be tailored to protect your network from transients in the future.

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