The prevalence of acoustic logging in the UK has surged over the past 5 years, with significant investment in permanent fleets of acoustic loggers across much of the UK’s water networks. We specialise in making sure our clients are getting the most out of their fleets by making sure their analysts have the right information to make informed decisions.

Acoustic Analysis

Burst localisation

One of the key aims of acoustic logging is to improve the accuracy of burst localisation. Acoustic loggers will deliver some great insights, but with tens of thousands of devices on your network all crying out for attention you need to make sure you know which ones to react to first.

Effective maintenance

Understanding where your fleet is truly performing is critical to ensuring you get the best return on your investment. Whether this is down to loggers being disconnected, equipment malfunctioning or failed comms, our reports will ensure your maintenance teams can hit your problem areas and keep your fleet in tip top condition.

Acoustic Analysis

Acoustic Analysis

Data integration and analysis

Our simple and transparent approaches to data and reporting helps to put the right information in front of your teams, ensuring they can react to leak noises with confidence as they happen. Integration with flow data allows your teams to see which noises are having the greatest impact on your DMA’s flows, allowing you to prioritise your targeting resources.

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The Benefits of Acoustic Analysis

Through our research, we’ve discovered the many merits of including Acoustic Analysis in your data analysis arsenal. Here are the benefits you can expect.

Burst awareness

Having next day insight into burst locations allows you to respond quickly and catch small bursts before they can cause a problem.

Efficient working

Having summarised and accurate reports in front of your leakage analysts means they can focus on what they do best… analysis!

Right solution

With challenging leakage targets, make sure that you are putting the right solution into the right place to deliver the benefits you need.

Data integration

Joining flow and acoustic data from different assets and manufacturers delivers additional insight.

Proactive maintenance

Monitoring of logger outputs allows you to spot when things are starting to go wrong, so you can target maintenance activities rather than just reacting to failure.

Demand insight

Acoustic data gives us insights into everything that’s happening on our networks, including customer behaviour as much as leakage.

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